Mesh The Place Up is a moving image of abstracted city visions and wobbly portraits envisioning the computerised flow of imagined beings in a morphing cyberscape; the squishy populace of a digital mesh.

Mesh the Place Up was designed as a site specific digital street projection without sound. 

Version 2 was screened at The Adelaide Festival Centre, Art Screens on King William Rd, during November 2018.
Version 1 of Mesh the Place Up was commissioned and screened as part of the ANAT [Australian Network of Art and Technology] 

Luminosity moving image program in Adelaide City.

Jellly Vision 01:30  is the latest manifestation of these wobbly portraits, now with sound by Stephen Roedel. The first public screenings in 2021 were seen at Bunjil Place Melbourne, Macquarie Mall Sydney and Beenleigh Town Square in Brisbane. 

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